Agnelli: Juventus Present To Become Champion

Andrea Agnelli expressed Juventus there to be champions, but Italy will lose self-esteem if Champions League appearances are not naturally progressing.

Juve won six Serie A titles and reached the Champions League final twice in three seasons, in which no Italian club can match the current Bianconeri.

“Juve present to be champion,” said the President.

“I’m not saying that with pride but ambition. Our opponents are also thinking the same thing.

“A lot of different figures are different: without Marotta, Nedved and Paratici, it will not be possible. The team made a difference.

“Italy should look at UEFA rankings because we are at risk of losing fourth place in the 2019-2020 season.

“Soccer is a lot of formwork, but the rules are still the same as the 1950s. NFL is a sport that needs to be emulated by football.

“201-2011 was Juventus’s worst financial year, but we started back from there.

“Humility and dedication are the foundations of our history. Now we want a collection of seven, eight Scudetto in a row. “

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