Bhayangkara FC Issues Fixed-Up Cast with Police Officer

Bhayangkara FC release Dinan Javier for the “swap” process with Borneo FC stopper, Firly Apriansyah. This includes one of the few players the club is releasing in the transfer market League 1 Situs Judi Bola.

Nevertheless, management stated that all players who have the status of police remain part of the team. They will also be called back to join, when next season’s competition begins.

“If the police status, everything still join. Next year we definitely ask again, re-strengthen Bhayangkara. Seleleksi again, if not used in Bhayangkara, newly welcome to play elsewhere, “said assistant manager Bhayangkara FC AKBP Sumardji when confirmed, Tuesday (08/08/2017).

Sumardji also explained that some players who have been released to other clubs at this time are more due to the needs of the team. The decision was taken because they are not in accordance with the game scheme implemented by coach Simon McMenemy.

“Players we do not use, we lend to teams. Who knows, the unused in us is beneficial to other (club), “he said.

It is in harmony with the targets set by management to the squad Bhayangkara FC this season. They hope to become champions or at least can be in the top three at the end of the season.

“If according to the coach does not enter the scheme how? Because we want to compete in the top so quality is also needed and it takes chemistry with the coach, “said Sumardji.

After getting Firly, Bhayangkara FC also intends to overhaul the front line order, to meet the competition in the second round of League 1 and realize the target.

“From the analysis of the coach during the first round, in addition to less strong in defense, we are also less than the maximum in taking advantage of opportunities, finishing is still lacking,” he said.

However, Sumardji is still reluctant to respond to rumors circulating about Ilija Spasojevic will be docked together Bhayangkara FC. Rumors were getting stronger after Thiago Furtuoso name is not in the list of players Bhayangkara FC players when defeating Arema 2-1, Friday (04/08/2017).

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