Cerci Regrets to Join Atletico

Alessio Cerci admits he will not join Atletico Madrid in the past because the Verona new player lost a lot of things on humanity.

Cerci played only 11 games for Atleti in three seasons, which prompted him to arrive at Verona on a free transfer, and the striker did not cheat when assessing his travels in the Spanish capital.

“The story has started badly since the beginning,” he told the media.

“I am not in Madrid on 1 September without any preparation because Torino is long enough to reach an agreement.

“I’ve had millions of things, but I do not want to fill in the column of controversy. Therefore, if I return the time, I will not join Atletico. It was a very bad decision for me.

“I am very much lost on the level of humanity … the love of the Torino fans, who loves me and told me that the decision to go to Spain is a mistake.

“I want to appear in the Champions League. I want to bring my career even further. I want to reassemble what I lost for a few years. I want to re-occupy the first team again.

“I have not played any official match for a year and a half. Unfortunately, this injury can be slightly remedied with the birth of my third child. He’s six months old.

“Sometimes I still feel pain in my knee, but after two seasons of being a supporter only, it is good to feel pain in my legs in practice sessions like this.

“This is one challenge, but I am not a beginner for this, and I certainly came from a very long pause, partly because of my injury, but I’m fine.

“I think if you look back at my career, you’ll see that I’ve shown a lot of things, but if you want to say I’m a gambler then it’s not a problem for me.”

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