Goalkeeper of Tangguh Sriwijaya Curious about Arema Headquarters
Sriwijaya FC goalkeeper Teja Paku Alam carries a personal mission when serving Arema FC in the 13th week of League 1 2017 at Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang Regency, Friday (7/7/2017) night. He wanted to feel the awesomeness of the stadium with a capacity of 40 thousand spectators.

“Actually I’ve played several times in Malang. Some time ago against Persiba at Gajayan Stadium then final ISL U-21 2012-2013 also played at Kanjuruhan Stadium. However, tomorrow is my first game at senior level and against Arema there, “Teja said.

“Arema has fanatical supporters and the atmosphere is extraordinary. I am challenged to be able to play as well as possible, especially Sriwijaya FC is in need of points to improve the position in the standings, “he added.

The player who had trained with SAD Uruguay also saw the figure of Cristian Gonzalez is one of the most Arema players he was aware of. “Although already senior, but the positioning is very good and have an accurate final settlement. We should not be unaware of the movement later, “he said.

Meanwhile, Sriwijaya FC goalkeeper coach Hendro Kartiko revealed that Teja’s condition has improved considerably in the fight against PSM Makassar. “The reflex also starts to come back. When the match against Mitra Kukar and Persija his performance has improved. Problem facing Aremania pressure I’ll tell him that he should not be tense and enjoy enjoying the game, “said Hendro.

Former Indonesian national team goalkeeper also gave some advice to Teja ahead of this fight. “In the past, I was actually very happy if you play in Kanjuruhan or face thousands of Aremania. Their creative action at the stadium became an entertainment and I really enjoyed it, not even being depressed, “he recalled.

“I think Teja has increased his experience and can overcome pressure from Arema supporters later,” he said.

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